Our mission is to serve America’s Veterans by providing the highest quality chiropractic care through the Veterans Choice Program.  Dr. Barrick is registered with the Veterans Choice Program, and has been treating our honored veterans for the past three years through this long overdue program.

Chiropractic services are part of the standard Medical Benefits Package available to all eligible Veterans. Similar to other specialties, access to VA chiropractic services is by referral from a VA primary care or specialty provider. VA facilities that do not have on-site chiropractic clinics provide these services with a referral to the chiropractor or other community care mechanisms.  Veterans must see their VA primary provider and obtain a referral to our office. The local VA facility will then contact us and an authorization has to be completed before treatment can begin. The program is constantly undergoing change, so it is recommended that you contact your local VA for the latest updated information.  

Chiropractic Treatment For Veterans

Dr. Barrick’s approach to treatment is rooted in this simple philosophy: treat both the symptoms and the problem. While medications help reduce the pain, medication does not address the underlying cause of pain. Chiropractic care is an effective treatment because we find the cause of the problem, and then work towards resolving the cause, and thereby resolving the symptoms. Our goal with every patient is to improve their health from the inside out, and improve the overall quality of life.

Lifestyle is a natural complement to Chiropractic adjustments and other traditional treatments, and can make a significant difference for your overall health. Lifestyle changes may help control the signs and symptoms associated with your pain and symptoms.  Here at Barrick Family Chiropractic, we look at the whole person, and address lifestyle habits such as nutrition, posture, exercise, ergonomics, stress, and a whole host of daily life choices.