I just wanted to thank you again for giving me my life back. You really did work a miracle on me. See you next time we’re home.

Tom K.

Shanghi, China

A few years ago I started coming to Dr. Barrick because I had a rib that had become dislodged and was having horrific migraines. When I started coming to Dr. Barrick, he put my rib back in place, but we also worked in my migraines. It has taken a while, but my migraines do not occur as much and I am able to go about my everyday life a lot easier than I used to.


Rochester, NH

“I wanted to send you a letter to thank you for relieving me of my daily headaches. I have been coming to you for one year now, and I am amazed at how much better I feel. Before my treatment began, I was taking medications on a daily basis to relieve the pain from my migraines. Within 2 weeks of getting treatment, my headaches disappeared from my daily life. This has allowed me to get my life back and again enjoy the things I like to do.

I recommend to anyone who is suffering the pain of migraines to come see you. Thank you again, and may your practice prosper”.

Lori B.

Greenland, NH

At 24 years old I have been dealing with low back pain for nearly 10 years. Most recently I suffered an equine injury in December of 2005. After the fall I was in a lot of pain which originated from my low back and radiated down my right leg. The pain took over my life affecting my job as well as my attitude outside of work. I did not want to do anything that would involve walking or sitting down which really limited my daily activities. Being an active, energetic person, this was a hard thing to deal with and I was at my wit’s end with pain management.

After the injury, I had gotten a MRI scan and I had made an appointment to see my spine surgeon in Boston who performed surgery on a ruptured lumbar disc back in 2003. His only solution was pain medication to mask the pain. I had then decided to get a second opinion from what was supposed to be the best neurosurgeon around…he let me know that the pain was more of a mental problem than a structural problem.

By the time I went to see Dr. Barrick, I had already had numerous cortisone shots, done physical therapy for 3 months and was told the pain was in my head. My whole attitude changed. I was put on short-term disability at work and was VERY unhappy. I was not able to stand or sit for any length of time and as a response to the pain, I slept a lot because it was the only way I could escape from the discomfort.

I did not expect Dr. Barrick to be so caring when I went in for my initial appointment. I have been to many chiropractors and have yet to find one that is more concerned with my overall well-being as Dr. Barrick is. He listened to what I had to say and explained to me exactly what his thoughts were. After going over the x-rays I understood more about what was going on with my back and why I was feeling the kind of pain I had. He showed me step by step what the results were of my weak back and how it affected my neck down to my feet.

I saw Dr. Barrick 3 days a week for the first month and slowly began to make appointments further apart. I was able to get back to full time work after about 45 days. My attitude had lifted and I was able to start riding horses again after 2 months of regular visits. By 3 months I was able to go to the gym regularly and strengthen the areas that had become weak over the last year of this injury.

My only regret is that I did not go to see Dr Barrick sooner. I started seeing him about 6 months after my initial injury. I still see Dr. Barrick for my back once or twice a month and I am feeling great. I realize that back pain is something that will follow me for the rest of my life, but I know that it can be managed with preventative care. I am very thankful I came to Seacoast Spine and Injury Care, and found that not only is Dr. Barrick a very caring and helpful individual, his staff has consistently been a pleasure”.


Durham, NH

My 10 month old son suffered for months from ear pain due to fluid. I kept dragging him to the doctor thinking he had an ear infection and every time I was told there was fluid but it wasn’t infected. My son would wake up several times a night, every night, screaming and pulling on his ears. We had to give him Tylenol constantly. I hated medicating such a young child but he was clearly in pain. We’d watch Baby Einstein movies at 2am until the Tylenol kicked in or he just finally crashed from exhaustion.

Then one night, desperate for sleep, we put our son in the car and drove him around until he fell asleep. He would stay asleep in the car because the pressure from the fluid wasn’t as bad in an upright position. My saint of a husband spent 2 nights sleeping in the car with our son just so we could all get some rest. After 2 nights of this, we went to see Dr. Barrick. I was skeptical but desperate and was at the point of trying anything!

Dr. Barrick explained everything to us and then did a painless, quick adjustment. That very night, our son spent the entire night sleeping in his crib and didn’t wake up once! It was obvious that the adjustment made a difference because in his entire 10 months of life this was the first time he had slept so well. The best part is he has continued to sleep through the night! He has also started to make more and more sounds whereas before he didn’t have many sounds-probably due to the muffled sound from the fluid. When we took Nathan back to the doctor, he reported that the fluid was mostly gone!!! Infant chiropractic care works and our son’s case proves this! Thank you, Dr. Barrick! We are all enjoying more sleep in our own beds and he is a much happier little boy! If only we had known about chiropractic care when he was a colicky newborn!

Kate S.

Dover, NH