Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking with Auriculotherapy


What is Auriculotherapy?      

Auriculotherapy is similar to ear acupuncture but it does not use needles.  Instead, a micro-current stimulator is used on specific reflex points on the outside ear.  These points are stimulated with a hand held probe for approximately 10-30 seconds each. When these points are properly treated, they send a message to the brain based on the location of the reflex point being treated to achieve the desired result.


Unlike acupuncture, auriculotherapy treatment is based on directly affecting the human nervous system, whereas acupuncture is based on “energy meridians.”  Auriculotherapy is an FDA approved treatment, and is used for many treatments other than addictions, such as musculoskeletal diseases, control of chronic pain, and appetite control for weight loss.  Auriculotherapy for smoking cessation was first used in the 1970’s and has recently grown in popularity.

Ask about the Smoking Cessation Package that includes a consultation, treatment, counseling to help you quit for good, and up to 2 booster treatments within 30 days of the treatment. 

Auriculotherapy treats the “nerve reflex points” on the ear to stimulate the nervous system and other parts of the body.  A small amount of micro-electricity (5 – 20 Hz) is delivered by a hand-held probe that causes a mild tingling sensation when applied. Auriculotherapy works by “shutting down” the receptors in the brain that are responsible for the nicotine addiction, giving a person a higher chance of quitting than going cold turkey. However, the person must want to quit and be ready for a lifestyle change to have the best chances for success. This is because not only does a physical addiction to nicotine have to be broken, but old habits must be changed to lessen the chances of smoking again. When auriculotherapy is used on someone who is ready to quit, the success rate can be quite high.


There is a set pattern of points specifically treated for smokers, including a specific nicotine point.  The treatment effectively wipes out the major cravings we have from smoking.  Auriculotherapy has shown time and time again to be very effective for the patient who truly wants to quit smoking.  In fact, research conducted at UCLA has shown that even after 6 months, 80% of the participants treated had not smoked!  (You may even get nauseous if you try).  It has helped many when nicotine patches and gum, and other means haven’t worked.  And many prescription medications to help quit have many serious and potentially dangerous side effects.  

Auriculotherapy History

Auriculotherapy has been around for a long time. The earliest records date it back to 500 BC in China. Records of using auriculotherapy also have been found in Europe and date back to medieval times. In the 1950’s, Dr. Nogier, a French physician, noticed a scar in a particular place on the ear in several of his patients. When he questioned his patients about the scar, they all told him they had been treated by a local natural healer. From there, Dr. Nogier began conducting research to determine if other problems could be treated by stimulating the external ear. His research lead to the Auriculotherapy for Smoking Cessation.

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