Treating neck pain at Barrick Family Chiropractic

You are not alone if you are dealing with neck pain.  Next to low back pain, it is one of the most common conditions people suffer with today, and many never getting the care they need.  In the age of cell phones, laptops, and video games, it has become an epidemic problem. For over one hundred years chiropractors have been helping people with this condition. Dr. Barrick is specifically trained to help this problem, and boasts of very high success rates. Read this article to learn what we at Barrick Family Chiropractic can do to help you.

Neck Pain is one of the worst types of pain because it can cause headaches and other pains throughout the body. When your neck is in pain, your mobility will likely suffer and you’ll feel more tension throughout your back and other parts of the body. It can make just getting through the day an incredible challenge, affecting your work, mood, and everyday living.  Chiropractic care not only relieves neck pain, but also treats the underlying cause.

Common causes of neck pain

The list of causes for neck pain is a long one. No matter what’s causing the pain, it should be treated to avoid a potential lifetime of pain. Leaving neck pain untreated can lead to worse problems over time, and harder to treat chronic problems as we get older. If you’ve been involved in an accident, woken up with a stiff neck or just have nagging neck pain from a desk job and poor posture, don’t fall into the trap of “it will go away”.  Make an appointment with Dr. Barrick for an evaluation.

Some of the most common causes of neck pain include:

      • Sports injuries
      • Auto accidents
      • Whiplash
      • Slip or fall accidents
      • Moving your next too quickly
      • Improper exercising or lifting
      • Poor posture
      • Bad sleep position

If you’re suffering from any type of neck pain, seek treatment immediately. Chiropractic care has the ability to relieve the pain and help heal the root cause of your neck pain.