Treating Headaches With Chiropractic Care

Often we write off headaches as a nuisance and pop some type of over-the-counter pain killer. The problem is, many headaches are a symptom of something else and cannot be treated with just a simple medication. Taking a couple pain killers may take away the headache, but it doesn’t treat the underlying cause.  Dr. Barrick will try to determine the cause, and treat the cause, not the symptom.

The most common cause of headaches is what is referred to as “cervicogenic”.  The word cervicogenic literally means “from the neck”. Often, when the spinal joints in the neck are misaligned and/or fixated, they can refer pain into the head as a headache.  Similarly, the muscles at the base of the skull called sub-occipital muscles, can develop “trigger points”,that can also refer constant pain into the head. Dr. Barrick has found that this is one of the most common causes for headaches that are often misdiagnosed, and not treated properly.  Dr. Barrick specializes in identifying, and releasing these trigger points and resolving this cause of headaches. He has had many cases over the years where someone has had a headache every day for many years, and was able to resolve them completely in 3-4 weeks.