Auto Accidents


Dr. Barrick is Specifically Trained to Treat and Manage Auto Accident Injuries

When an individual sustains injuries from a motor vehicle crash, muscle spasm, and inflammation develop from soft-tissue damage resulting in pain.  The most common injury is a whiplash injury, however often the midback and low back get injured as well.  This muscle spasm prevents the normal range of motion of the spine and misalignments occur throughout the spine and other areas of the body. If these injuries are not treated properly, it can result in permanent chronic problems later in life.

If you were in an auto accident and want to learn about your injuries and what you should do, click on the link for a valuable report, What You Should Know If You Were Involved In An Auto Accident  

When soft-tissues are injured, they respond in a certain way that is not normal during certain movements such as turning or bending your head, or bending at the waist.  This abnormal response can now be measured with the DynaROM System. This allows for proving soft-tissue injuries such as whiplash or low back injuries, especially when all other tests such as MRI or X-rays are normal. 

Barrick Family Chiropractic is the only clinic in the seacoast area that has this system. Dr. Barrick is certified and trained to perform these tests which has proven extremely valuable to patients and their attorneys when proving their injuries and receiving the compensation they deserve. 

To learn about the DynaROM System

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